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Halloween (and the aftermath)

Ah…Halloween. The one time of year that is acceptable to dress up in crazy costumes and get candy handed to you, unless you’re at an anime convention. Despite how that might have sounded inside your head, I actually love Halloween. Its not my favorite holiday, but I love it. Mostly because even though I’m twenty two, I still get candy. Why? Because my three and two year old can’t possibly eat or need all the candy they get. 😉

My daughter was dressed as a monkey, while my son was dressed as a lion (first a shark, but he traded for a costume that was his size from a friend). My husband and I didn’t dress up this year, but he handed out candy while myself, gramma, and some friends (along with T and Z’s friend Mikey) went out on the town…well, not the town but the neighborhood.  We took the kids to my grandmother’s house where they got money then came back home where they proceeded to chow down on candy.  Honestly, I don’t think they’ve even eaten half as much as they’ve opened either.  Silly babies.


Now that its November, I get to look forward to MY favorite holiday. What is that, you ask? Thanksgiving! Food, glorious food! I love cooking, and especially Thankgiving food. (In other words, I love getting compliments about how amazingly delicious my food is).  I can’t wait, it’ll be yummy..just like every year in the past. 😉

I’d like to give a quick shout out to all my new readers! Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around to when we get to some more exciting stuff!

Now to the discussion: What’s YOUR favorite holiday, and why?


Great News!

So, after some deliberation with my husband, we’ve decided to keep Charlie so long as all the tests at the vet come back normal.  We took the day to really think it over, and decided we have room in our hearts for a third furbaby.  He’s the sweetest thing and a couple good meals with put some meat back on his bones.  Fingers crossed tests come back normal when we get him into the vet!

Next awesome thing was that I got a surprise today!  I have been telling my husband for a few years now that I’d really like to take back up playing the clarinet.  I haven’t played since I was in the 8th was 14? yes, 14. 8 years ago. Damn, time flies. Anyway, a package was handed to be (appropriately labeled ‘To my love, Jessica’) and I found a clarinet inside. Used, and in need of some care, but a clarinet.  The smile hasn’t been wiped off my face since.  Later in the day, I went to buy reeds at a different music store that offered me a deal on a wooden clarinet that had just been refurbished.  My husband is considering the upgrade. Have I mentioned lately that I love this man?  A wooden clarinet for the low prices of possibly $250 dollars.  If you know instruments, wooden clarinets are usually around $1,000-1,500.  The guy told me to call him back tomorrow since I couldn’t walk out the store with it right then (after he asked me to play, of course).

So, momma is a happy camper right now despite the wind howling outside making strange noises and knocking branches down on my roof that I can’t check out until tomorrow.  As I type, both children are currently asleep too.  A rather calm night considering that there is a storm outside. Haha. And no, I’m nowhere near Hurricane Sandy, but we’re getting her ass end in Indiana.

My day has went pretty well so far! Tell me, do you play any instruments? Is there one you want to take up, or take back up?


Family Sunday

Our Sunday went over pretty well today.  I had a wonderful friend of mine visiting last night and my husband let me get some sleep.  Today was the day we got to go to the orchard just to pick out pumpkins to carve.  The biggest one is probably near ten pounds, but we haven’t weighed it as of yet while both of my children picked out smaller pumpkins a piece.  My daughter is a pumpkin fanatic, seriously. Haha.

We went out for dinner while we were out, as we had planned to go to a Trick or Treat thing at WalMart and had over an hour and a half before it started after we left the orchard.  We went to a local Japanese restaurant, Fuji, and it was VERY delicious.  Unfortunately, we ended up not going to the ToT thing at WalMart because the kids were a bit to hyped up and rambucuous to go walk around WalMart without breaking things.

However, it was a good thing. Or sort of, as on the way home we spotted a beautiful stray-looking yellow lab (or, he might be a golden retriever..we’re not too sure).  Its been a thing of my husband and mine to pick up lost animals to take them to the shelter or return them to their owner for a very long time, and this pretty boy was in traffic.  He went to my husband right away and we put him in the van with us and the kids.  Poor thing curled right up in the seat and we put a blanket over him, he was content and seemed happy.

Once we got home (after making phone calls on the way to find somewhere open to take him and finding out the soonest animal control could here was tomorrow, thus we decided to keep him until morning to take him to the humane society ourselves), we let him out back to potty then inside for a bath (as he needed one badly) and some food.  Poor boy was pretty hungry and we slowly fed him some of our hard dog food as well as our FreshPet soft food, then a few treats (that he did tricks for!)  He is definitely someone’s dog, he knows ‘sit’ and ‘shake’ but it looks like someone either didn’t take very good care of him, or he got loose weeks ago as I had to cut several bad mats out of his fur.

The kids have named him Charlie.  He doesn’t respond to it, but we wanted to name him something while he was here.  My husband seems to like him a lot and is now considering a third dog. I’m on the fence about that one (despite the fact he seems to have taken a liking to me).  Either way, he’s ours for the evening and we’re loving him.

Do you have any pets, or want any?


Saturday Night Game Night

When the work week winds down and the weekend winds up, my family (read: my husband mostly) likes to spice up the weekend by playing our old favorite game of Dungeons and Dragons with some friends.  His friends include his younger brother, my old neighbor and his friend, and two of his brother’s friends.  Meaning on any given Saturday, its likely that I have seven males in my basement crowded around a table rolling dice. For attacking, not krawps.

But in all honesty, its a really fun game if you’re into roleplaying.  Its a table top based game, obviously, that involves a sheet of paper with the statistic of your character (charisma, wisdom, intellegence, strength, and dexterity) plus all sorts of things like abilities and weapons. I started playing shortly after meeting my husband in 2006 and have been hooked.  Although, since having children that’s hindered my playing a bit as someone has to tend to them or who knows what would happen. The house burning down is the most likely.

Back to the point, I haven’t played in over a year, I think but I enjoy giving tips to the guys in my basement as the vast majority of them are new to the game, save my husband and his little brother.  Mostly, though, I’m upstairs with the kids watching movies or making food for the masses (hence the frozen pizza of yesterday night).

Game play is pretty simple.  You have eight different types of dice: d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and a percentage die which you couple with a d10 to make a percent.  To be honest, I’m not sure how to explain the workings of the percentage die, I have never used it.  The rest though signify how many sides it has and how many numbers which are generally used to show attack damage in either lethal or non-lethal damage.  The d20 is used to show if you hit (or succeed in an ability such as ‘spot’ or ‘hide’), or miss which you couple with your base attack bonus.  A hit is if you match your opponents armor class or higher, a miss is if you score lower (total both number on the roll and attack bonus) than the opponents armor.  Simply, your opponent has 16 total armor.  You roll a 13 on a 20 sided die and your base attack is 3. Total, you rolled a 16 and therefore have made a hit.  Now you roll the damage, which would depend on what weapon you are wielding.  Melee weapons (such as a sword) you add in your strength bonus plus your roll, and ranged your dexterity.  That was a lot of information, I know but I tried to simplify it as much as possible. If you’re still confused, its okay. I plan to go into much more detail on other Saturday posts. So yes, Saturdays will be Dungeons and Dragons 101 until I fully explain the game. You’re welcome. ❤

But seriously, if that was the most confusing thing you’ve ever read, I apologize.  I tend to lean toward less cohesive than normal sometimes when I write. I promise my other posts won’t be so bad…maybe.

What games do you like to play? What games would you like to see featured after DnD101?

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What a day!

No, not really. Today was actually a really slow, awful day.  Awful in the aspect that it was ridiculously slow.  I was in a lot of pain from pulling or tearing a muscle or something in my shoulder making it painful to move my arm much higher than my shoulder, not to mention the constant pain anyway.  My husband came home early with a painful migraine, poor guy.  The kids have been something else today; crazy mostly, which is what usually happens when one or both of us aren’t feeling well.

In the end, today ended up being frozen pizza and Subway night.  I had to go to the store, and since my husband wasn’t feeling well, ended up taking both the kids by myself which was…awful. Yeah, that’s where awful comes in.  On the way home, I realized I was still hungry and apparently so were the kids so I grabbed Subway.

Ah well.  Some sleep should set us all right by tomorrow.

How did your day go? Did it end up a ‘frozen pizza’ kind of night too?


The First of Many!..

..or at least I hope so! Welcome! You’ve come across The Part Time Crunch either by coincidence, or because a link was shared your way.  Either way, thanks for the visit!

My humble little blog will have all sorts of ramblings, just like any other blog.  I hope to do lots of reviews and give-aways for more natural minded things.

You might be a little curious about the name of the blog. ‘The Part Time Crunch’. One, all the other cool blog names were taken. Two, its reflective of me. I’m a partly ‘crunchy’ mom, in the terms that I am natural minded.  We part time cloth diaper, co-sleep/bedshare, breastfeed, things like that.  The part time comes in with the aforementioned cloth diapers, and we don’t exactly eat ‘organic’ or do our part in reducing our carbon footprint all the time.  At least we recycle, right?


Anyway, a bit about me. I’m Jessica. Twenty two years old and a mom of two adorable human babies of whom you will probably be blasted of pictures in posts to come. We also have two furbabies, which you will also get blasted pictures from.  I’m married, coming up on five years of marriage next March (2013).  We’re also working on having one more baby (aka, we’re totally doing it all the time), too.  You’ll soon learn I’m a bit of a vocabulary freak and tend to use big words.  I can be passive aggressive, and even mean.  I also work part time as a peer counselor for my local WIC office making millions of dollars a year (I am totally kidding, we seriously do not make that much).


Ah, I think that’s about it. Care to ask any questions? Leave me a reply below! 🙂

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