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A Wish, A Hope, and a Dream

When I started my blog, I didn’t except to share things besides

maybe some reviews or giveaways. How wrong I was. I have been

blessed twice now to recieve stories of people who are

genuinely needing help from myself and my readers for problems

that we can help fix.

This post is for my dear friend Heather Walter.  She is a

wonderful woman, of which I did meet online, who has struggled

for many years to have a child of her own.  Unfortunately, its

not always so easy to just “go have sex” and in a month you’ll

get a positive pregnancy test. For some its, wait years for

someone to help properly because something just isn’t right.

Heather has watched for years as friends (myself included) and

family get pregnant as she continued to miscarry precious

babies that she wanted to hold dearly. She has endured

countless, hurtful words horribly disguised as encouragement

from some.  Others have been downright cruel to her.

I want Heather and her husband to become parents.  To have

their own flesh and blood child in their arms as soon as

possible.  The only way to do that is for her and her husband

to get some DNA tests done, which would cost them over 3,000

dollars…and their insurance won’t cover it.

Even just one dollar would help Heather get closer to finding

out what is going on, so if you could donate just one dollar,

they would be very grateful.

If you’d like to read the full story and donate, please follow

the provided link to where you need to be to help:

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So, here’s something I didn’t tell you guys: My husband and I ordered that Insanity Workout that you’ve probably heard about.

We recieved our package Saturday and later in the day I was looking through it, the meal plans and calender..all that.  Our reason for buying: we’re both out of shape, and not as healthy as we should be.  My husband himself is a good 100 pounds or so overweight.  I found out I’m about 40 or so overweight just Saturday evening when I weighed myself. My husband is 24 (25 soon!) and I’m 22.

We decided one night while watching late-night infomercials (yes, how exciting for a married couple).  The Insanity commercial came on and my husband suddenly was interested.  We’d been talking for a while about joining a gym and whatnot, but haven’t done it.  I haven’t seen my husband take an interest in Insanity before until he watched the video on it.  He flat out said, “Its Marine Corps. boot camp without the yelling and abuse.” My husband is a former Marine (or is a Marine, since they say once a Marine, always a Marine).

After a week or so of discussion, we ordered it.  My husband is eager to start, but I told him let’s eat up the food in the house before we go start buying more food that will end up not getting eaten.  His younger brother and two of our friends want to join us as well. So, group effort! Collectively, we decided to start on November 12th…a week before Thanksgiving. Smart. Haha.

I worked Sunday to make a meal plan for the first week so I could start a shopping list.  My husband isn’t going to be thrilled, but its going to involve a lot of fish.  Because of my own health problems, I will be substituting a lot of the red meat for other meats like chicken. My husband just doesn’t like fish, but he’ll deal. 😉  It also involves a loooot of whole grains, something else he isn’t a fan of.  Its going to be fun getting him to eat a few of these things, but eventually he’ll get used to it.

Insanity’s meal plan is how you’re supposed to eat. Five small meals a day that meet your caloritic intake requirements (my husband and I need to eat 700 and 500 calories per meal, respectively).  The meal plan in the book is great, the majority of the meals sound like they’re delicious, too.  There is also a ‘Food Ladder’ you can use to make your own meals, too. It highslight the two tiers you WANT to eat from, plus the three you want to avoid as much as possible.

Now, here’s the kicker: I might be pregnant.  We’ve been trying for another baby for a while.  I’d feel bad that I couldn’t do this with my husband because I was pregnant, but at the same time I’d be so happy that I finally got pregnant.

Stay tuned for a pregnancy result and the beginning of a weight loss journey. 🙂