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A Wish, A Hope, and a Dream

When I started my blog, I didn’t except to share things besides

maybe some reviews or giveaways. How wrong I was. I have been

blessed twice now to recieve stories of people who are

genuinely needing help from myself and my readers for problems

that we can help fix.

This post is for my dear friend Heather Walter.  She is a

wonderful woman, of which I did meet online, who has struggled

for many years to have a child of her own.  Unfortunately, its

not always so easy to just “go have sex” and in a month you’ll

get a positive pregnancy test. For some its, wait years for

someone to help properly because something just isn’t right.

Heather has watched for years as friends (myself included) and

family get pregnant as she continued to miscarry precious

babies that she wanted to hold dearly. She has endured

countless, hurtful words horribly disguised as encouragement

from some.  Others have been downright cruel to her.

I want Heather and her husband to become parents.  To have

their own flesh and blood child in their arms as soon as

possible.  The only way to do that is for her and her husband

to get some DNA tests done, which would cost them over 3,000

dollars…and their insurance won’t cover it.

Even just one dollar would help Heather get closer to finding

out what is going on, so if you could donate just one dollar,

they would be very grateful.

If you’d like to read the full story and donate, please follow

the provided link to where you need to be to help:

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Beautiful Blogger Award

Caitlin over at SouthernSAHM nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award, which was really sweet of her. And I graciously accept the award.

Part of accepting the award means I have to answer a bunch of questions, then nominate 15 other blogs. Well, unfortunately, I don’t know any others blogs that haven’t already been nominated for the award. So I’m not being stingy with the award, just no one else I know needs to be nominated!  Such is the life of a small blog.

Here are the rules for accepting this award:
1.) Thank the person who nominated you.
Thank you so, so much, Caitlin! You are truly awesome and my reason for starting my own blog!

2.) Post award image to my page.
It is proudly being displayed! 🙂

3.) Tell 7 facts about yourself.:

I. Am. A. Nerd. I love Dunegons and Dragons, as well as a ton of other various video games.
I have a horrible potty mouth, but I keep it in check as much as possible around my kiddos.
My ring size is a 4, and that means my engagement ring can never be sized to fit me because of the style it is.
I was 17 when I got pregnant with my daughter, BUT I graduated highschool anyway and she came to my graduation. 🙂
I’m a cat person!…who owns three dogs. (But I loves them very much.)
My crazy self has always wanted 6 children, but my husband and I agreed on three. Apparently, I filled that void with the previously mentioned dogs.
My weakness is Oreos and Dr. Pepper. If you have those, I will get into your creepy white van. (Just Kidding).

4.) Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know about the nomination.

At the moment, I can only think of one other blog I follow that hasn’t been nominated.

Desiree at The Miracle Momma, she is an amazing mother and person. ❤



So, here’s something I didn’t tell you guys: My husband and I ordered that Insanity Workout that you’ve probably heard about.

We recieved our package Saturday and later in the day I was looking through it, the meal plans and calender..all that.  Our reason for buying: we’re both out of shape, and not as healthy as we should be.  My husband himself is a good 100 pounds or so overweight.  I found out I’m about 40 or so overweight just Saturday evening when I weighed myself. My husband is 24 (25 soon!) and I’m 22.

We decided one night while watching late-night infomercials (yes, how exciting for a married couple).  The Insanity commercial came on and my husband suddenly was interested.  We’d been talking for a while about joining a gym and whatnot, but haven’t done it.  I haven’t seen my husband take an interest in Insanity before until he watched the video on it.  He flat out said, “Its Marine Corps. boot camp without the yelling and abuse.” My husband is a former Marine (or is a Marine, since they say once a Marine, always a Marine).

After a week or so of discussion, we ordered it.  My husband is eager to start, but I told him let’s eat up the food in the house before we go start buying more food that will end up not getting eaten.  His younger brother and two of our friends want to join us as well. So, group effort! Collectively, we decided to start on November 12th…a week before Thanksgiving. Smart. Haha.

I worked Sunday to make a meal plan for the first week so I could start a shopping list.  My husband isn’t going to be thrilled, but its going to involve a lot of fish.  Because of my own health problems, I will be substituting a lot of the red meat for other meats like chicken. My husband just doesn’t like fish, but he’ll deal. 😉  It also involves a loooot of whole grains, something else he isn’t a fan of.  Its going to be fun getting him to eat a few of these things, but eventually he’ll get used to it.

Insanity’s meal plan is how you’re supposed to eat. Five small meals a day that meet your caloritic intake requirements (my husband and I need to eat 700 and 500 calories per meal, respectively).  The meal plan in the book is great, the majority of the meals sound like they’re delicious, too.  There is also a ‘Food Ladder’ you can use to make your own meals, too. It highslight the two tiers you WANT to eat from, plus the three you want to avoid as much as possible.

Now, here’s the kicker: I might be pregnant.  We’ve been trying for another baby for a while.  I’d feel bad that I couldn’t do this with my husband because I was pregnant, but at the same time I’d be so happy that I finally got pregnant.

Stay tuned for a pregnancy result and the beginning of a weight loss journey. 🙂


Red Heart Project

Starting on January 1, 2013, I will be participating in the Red Heart Project. I was invited to join by my friend over at Southern Stay-At-Home-Momma, and gladly accepted.  The point of the Red Heart Project is to spread love, kindness, and generosity throughout the whole year, not only during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The goal? To be kind, loving, and generous to at least one person a day in 2013, whether it be family or friend, or complete strangers.  I have proudly displayed the Red Heart badge on my blog to show my willingness to participate, and I encourage my readers to do so, too!
If you’d like to read more about the Red Heart Project, please follow the link provided:

(You’re totally going to have to forgive me for not making them cool coded and stuff, I’m still learning WordPress ways. )

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Halloween (and the aftermath)

Ah…Halloween. The one time of year that is acceptable to dress up in crazy costumes and get candy handed to you, unless you’re at an anime convention. Despite how that might have sounded inside your head, I actually love Halloween. Its not my favorite holiday, but I love it. Mostly because even though I’m twenty two, I still get candy. Why? Because my three and two year old can’t possibly eat or need all the candy they get. 😉

My daughter was dressed as a monkey, while my son was dressed as a lion (first a shark, but he traded for a costume that was his size from a friend). My husband and I didn’t dress up this year, but he handed out candy while myself, gramma, and some friends (along with T and Z’s friend Mikey) went out on the town…well, not the town but the neighborhood.  We took the kids to my grandmother’s house where they got money then came back home where they proceeded to chow down on candy.  Honestly, I don’t think they’ve even eaten half as much as they’ve opened either.  Silly babies.


Now that its November, I get to look forward to MY favorite holiday. What is that, you ask? Thanksgiving! Food, glorious food! I love cooking, and especially Thankgiving food. (In other words, I love getting compliments about how amazingly delicious my food is).  I can’t wait, it’ll be yummy..just like every year in the past. 😉

I’d like to give a quick shout out to all my new readers! Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around to when we get to some more exciting stuff!

Now to the discussion: What’s YOUR favorite holiday, and why?


Great News!

So, after some deliberation with my husband, we’ve decided to keep Charlie so long as all the tests at the vet come back normal.  We took the day to really think it over, and decided we have room in our hearts for a third furbaby.  He’s the sweetest thing and a couple good meals with put some meat back on his bones.  Fingers crossed tests come back normal when we get him into the vet!

Next awesome thing was that I got a surprise today!  I have been telling my husband for a few years now that I’d really like to take back up playing the clarinet.  I haven’t played since I was in the 8th was 14? yes, 14. 8 years ago. Damn, time flies. Anyway, a package was handed to be (appropriately labeled ‘To my love, Jessica’) and I found a clarinet inside. Used, and in need of some care, but a clarinet.  The smile hasn’t been wiped off my face since.  Later in the day, I went to buy reeds at a different music store that offered me a deal on a wooden clarinet that had just been refurbished.  My husband is considering the upgrade. Have I mentioned lately that I love this man?  A wooden clarinet for the low prices of possibly $250 dollars.  If you know instruments, wooden clarinets are usually around $1,000-1,500.  The guy told me to call him back tomorrow since I couldn’t walk out the store with it right then (after he asked me to play, of course).

So, momma is a happy camper right now despite the wind howling outside making strange noises and knocking branches down on my roof that I can’t check out until tomorrow.  As I type, both children are currently asleep too.  A rather calm night considering that there is a storm outside. Haha. And no, I’m nowhere near Hurricane Sandy, but we’re getting her ass end in Indiana.

My day has went pretty well so far! Tell me, do you play any instruments? Is there one you want to take up, or take back up?


Family Sunday

Our Sunday went over pretty well today.  I had a wonderful friend of mine visiting last night and my husband let me get some sleep.  Today was the day we got to go to the orchard just to pick out pumpkins to carve.  The biggest one is probably near ten pounds, but we haven’t weighed it as of yet while both of my children picked out smaller pumpkins a piece.  My daughter is a pumpkin fanatic, seriously. Haha.

We went out for dinner while we were out, as we had planned to go to a Trick or Treat thing at WalMart and had over an hour and a half before it started after we left the orchard.  We went to a local Japanese restaurant, Fuji, and it was VERY delicious.  Unfortunately, we ended up not going to the ToT thing at WalMart because the kids were a bit to hyped up and rambucuous to go walk around WalMart without breaking things.

However, it was a good thing. Or sort of, as on the way home we spotted a beautiful stray-looking yellow lab (or, he might be a golden retriever..we’re not too sure).  Its been a thing of my husband and mine to pick up lost animals to take them to the shelter or return them to their owner for a very long time, and this pretty boy was in traffic.  He went to my husband right away and we put him in the van with us and the kids.  Poor thing curled right up in the seat and we put a blanket over him, he was content and seemed happy.

Once we got home (after making phone calls on the way to find somewhere open to take him and finding out the soonest animal control could here was tomorrow, thus we decided to keep him until morning to take him to the humane society ourselves), we let him out back to potty then inside for a bath (as he needed one badly) and some food.  Poor boy was pretty hungry and we slowly fed him some of our hard dog food as well as our FreshPet soft food, then a few treats (that he did tricks for!)  He is definitely someone’s dog, he knows ‘sit’ and ‘shake’ but it looks like someone either didn’t take very good care of him, or he got loose weeks ago as I had to cut several bad mats out of his fur.

The kids have named him Charlie.  He doesn’t respond to it, but we wanted to name him something while he was here.  My husband seems to like him a lot and is now considering a third dog. I’m on the fence about that one (despite the fact he seems to have taken a liking to me).  Either way, he’s ours for the evening and we’re loving him.

Do you have any pets, or want any?