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Beautiful Blogger Award

on November 6, 2012

Caitlin over at SouthernSAHM nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award, which was really sweet of her. And I graciously accept the award.

Part of accepting the award means I have to answer a bunch of questions, then nominate 15 other blogs. Well, unfortunately, I don’t know any others blogs that haven’t already been nominated for the award. So I’m not being stingy with the award, just no one else I know needs to be nominated!  Such is the life of a small blog.

Here are the rules for accepting this award:
1.) Thank the person who nominated you.
Thank you so, so much, Caitlin! You are truly awesome and my reason for starting my own blog!

2.) Post award image to my page.
It is proudly being displayed! 🙂

3.) Tell 7 facts about yourself.:

I. Am. A. Nerd. I love Dunegons and Dragons, as well as a ton of other various video games.
I have a horrible potty mouth, but I keep it in check as much as possible around my kiddos.
My ring size is a 4, and that means my engagement ring can never be sized to fit me because of the style it is.
I was 17 when I got pregnant with my daughter, BUT I graduated highschool anyway and she came to my graduation. 🙂
I’m a cat person!…who owns three dogs. (But I loves them very much.)
My crazy self has always wanted 6 children, but my husband and I agreed on three. Apparently, I filled that void with the previously mentioned dogs.
My weakness is Oreos and Dr. Pepper. If you have those, I will get into your creepy white van. (Just Kidding).

4.) Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know about the nomination.

At the moment, I can only think of one other blog I follow that hasn’t been nominated.

Desiree at The Miracle Momma, she is an amazing mother and person. ❤


2 responses to “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. southernsahm says:


    I’m a cat person too D: And Robert wants a team of some sort. Soccer team, basketball team, etc…so he’s apparently adopting some kids ’cause I’m not having more than 3. Lol. How are all 3 doggies getting along?

    P.S. Thank you for telling me how to lure you!

  2. The Pink Spartan says:

    Dogs FTW. Oreos and Dr. Pepper? YES PLEASE!

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